Since 2001, Mimino Oy has been coaching companies to understd international practices. The need to be able to expand the way of thinking has also emerged in that role – especially for parties who find it difficult to find common ground. From that need arose a model Cogita Ample (Think widely).

In addition to coaching, the company is also active in the world of entertainment, music and sports. It participates e.g. in the project Swimming changes life in Zanzibar, lead by FitPit Oy

Mimino Oy’s goal is to assist customers develop dynamically. By actively maintaining a high level of its own expertise, it continues to provide customers with quality expert services.

Finnish know-how has been of great interest in the world. Mimino Ltd is a co-founder of the company ComDe Oy -Competence Development targeting to develope international business in the field of education.

Founder, co-owner Virve Obolgogiani

Virve graduated in the Helsingin School of Economics.
Virve’s working experience is international including 8 years working in Moscow. Virve founded in 2001 a company aiming to improve capabilities for international cooperation of companies. She trains to understand cross-cultural business etiquette. In 2019 she created Cogita ample -model, which includes thoughts for improving activities of organizations, cooperation between units and partners. As a trainer and a speaker, she has received very positive feedback for comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge. The audience has appreciated her practical samples from own experience. Her presentation skills are valued for fluency and clearness. Owing to the experience in business life and as an entrepreneur she can build her presentations to meet the interests of business audience.

Virve Obolgogiani gives presentations in Finnish, Russian and English.
You can read more about Virve in her LinkedIn-profile.
Contact information: e-mail vo(at), phone: +358 40 7674212



CEO Oliver Obolgogiani

Oliver has several years of experience in entrepreneurship, especially in the entertainment, in the world of sports and music and the organization of related events. He co-founded FitPit Oy in 2015 and serves on the board of the company.
Oliver has also been founding company Khatru Music Oy, later Axu Arts Ltd. He is also the manager of Axel Thesleff and is responsible for all the artist’s business, e.g. foreign tours, music videos organization of filming and cooperation with streaming services.
You can read more about Oliver on his LinkedIn profile.
Contact information:; phone: +358 50 5200024

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