When your company needs training to improve success in business in Russia, Mimino Ltd is your partner for improving processes and services.

Mimino Ltd was built on the basis including:

  • 20 years experience in the travel business
  • ecxellent knowledge of Russian and Finnish societies and business etiquette
  • wide networks in the nternational travel trade
  • lots os ideas and interest in developing tourism world wide
  • wide experience of cross-cultural communication

Mimino Ltd was founded in 2001 and it has been focusing in:

  • seminars and training for developing travel trade and cross-cultural communication in Finland and abroad
  • consulting and marketing services for companies

Mimino Ltd is a co-founder of the company  ComDe Oy -Competence Development targeting to develope international business in the fileld of education.

Managing Director Virve Obolgogiani

Virve Obolgogiani graduated in the Helsingin School of Economics.
Virve’s working experience is international including 8 years working in Moscow. Virve founded in 2001 a company aiming to improve capabilities for international cooperation of companies. She trains to understand cross-cultural business etiquette. As a trainer and a speaker, she has received very positive feedback for comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge. The audience has appreciated her practical samples from own experience. Her presentation skills are valued for fluency and clearness. Owing to the experience in business life and as an entrepreneur she can build her presentations to meet the interests of business audience.

Virve keeps her knowledge about Russia up to date in several assignments at work as well as by following actively information from several sources, having personal contact and networks.

Virve Obolgogiani gives presentations in Finnish, Russian and English.
You can read more about Virve in:
Contact information: e-mail vo(at), phone: +358 40 7674212

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