Kon O’Star – a local newspaper in Kontula

Kontula has a new local newspaper Kon O’Star. The first number was published on Friday 22nd December 2023. In 2024 Kon O’Star will be published monthly, on following Fridays: 26.1., 23.2., 22.3., 26.4., 31.5., 28.6., 26.7., 30.8., 27.9., 25.10., 29.11., 20.12.

Size of the paper: A3.

Delivery localy in Kontula, including the library and the swimming hall.

You can also read it in the site of Lehtiluukku: https://www.lehtiluukku.fi/lehdet/kon_ostar

The local newspaper of Kontula includes local news, information about local organizations and events as well as advertisements of local companies.

The responsible Chief Editor is Ms Virve Obolgogiani. Publisher: Mimino Oy.

Kon O’Star is a good opportunity to achieve visibility locally and reach the inhabitants of the region.