Travel trade

Tourism is one of the most rapidly growing international industries. At the same time it needs to adapt to meet unexpected situations. People working in the travel trade need to understand the background and way of thinking of their clients and business partners, and to adapt where necessary. Specific training will give those staff working in demanding situations the ability to handle such challenges.

Mimino Ltd Offers: public lectures and seminars for travel trade professionals during exhibitions and workshops lectures for schools and institutes specialising in tourism tailor-made training packages for companies marketing and management training for the Russian travel trade lectures on Russians, their behaviour and traditions, and business culture.

Seminar topics include e.g. improving service for Russian tourists making marketing measures in Russia more effective general seminars on topics such as burnout, positive attitude, and marketing, and their relations with the travel trade.

Available training languages include Finnish, Russian and English.

For more information about the seminars:
How to improve service for Russian tourists?
How to start Marketing to Russia?
How to work with Russians?

We also offer consulting services: assistance in planning marketing activities in Finland and in Russia assistance in product planning participation in, and preparation for, exhibitions assistance in negotiations.

Visit Finland Academy
Virve Obolgogiani has joint the Visit Finland Academy network and she is offering training based on Visit Finland Academy concept for Finnish travel organizations.