Russia is getting more and more open for foreign companies and the possibilities for cooperation are wide. At the same time in many countries it is difficult to find specialists, who would have the knowledge of art of working with Russians. If earlier days it was a necessity to speak fluent Russian in travel and other relations with Russians, now foreigners can in many cases manage with English and other foreign languages.

Nevertheless, this does not mean, that knowing the Russian culture and business environment would become less important. Our seminar teaches foreigners how to work with Russians, gives important hints and back ground information to enable foreigners to understand better the Russian way of thinking.

Training video of Virve Obolgogiani Working with Russians – understanding cultural differences can be seen on site Udemy.

WORKING WITH RUSSIANS Until 15th June 2020 you can watch the video with a special rate 23,99 EUR with code MIMINO_2020.


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How to work with Russians?

Seminar includes:

– short introduction of Russia: geographical, economical, social, historical back ground

– habits and manners of Russians

– Russians as staff members

– Russians as partners

– advice for foreigners working with Russians

Duration of the seminar: 3 h (incl. one break 20 min.)

Lecturer: Ms Virve Obolgogiani

Inquiries and orders: phone: 358 40 7674212, e-mail: