Cogita ample – International Finland

The Cogita Ample model of thinking can be used in many contexts. The ability to see things more broadly also helps to succeed in life, and it especially helps internationally. Finland is certainly not some remote corner country, but a very active participant in the global economy. And you don’t even have to leave the country when you already meet representatives of many cultures. The more broadly you are able to look at things, the better you are able to cooperate. You don’t always have to agree and accept others’ points of view, but you get along better with them when you understand why they think the way they do.

International Finland

“Who complains of his troubles,
is a prisoner of his troubles.”

This is what Kaarlo Kramsu wrote about Ilka, who started the peasant revolt (in 1590-ies). This idea can actually encourage in many situations. Instead of complaining about your problems or a difficult situation, you can broaden your horizons to think about possible solutions. Kramsu’s thought crossed my mind when I participated in an event organized for foreigners living in Finland. In the discussion, two young women complained about how difficult it is for foreigners to find a job after studying. They were certainly right, there is room for improvement in work permit practices and attitudes. I still tried to broaden their perspective to the fact that it can be difficult for any recent graduate to find a job that matches their education. It does not depend on the color of the passport. I hope that at the event they got new ideas to solve situations and also talked with those who, on the contrary, felt that they had received many kinds of support after moving to Finland. It would also help them to think broadly.

More experts

We also discussed how the media often shows the goal and wish to bring more experts from abroad to Finland to fill the labor shortage. I totally agree with my discussion partner that it would be worthwhile to employ first the foreigners who are already here. I have also written an article on the subject in Meidän Suomi magazine. We already have experts who either haven’t found work at all or are doing work that doesn’t match their skills. In the employment services, they are offered a job as a family nurse or an IT expert, even if they already have a degree in a completely different field from their own country. Often, for young people with an immigrant background, even though they know Finnish perfectly, school counselors recommend a vocational school, and do not encourage university studies.

 New skills

Of course, every job seeker’s goal is to find employment according to their own education. But in a fast-changing world, we should also think about whether our skills are what is needed. You should also think broadly about your own abilities: where they would be most useful and what kind of work you like to do. You also have to constantly develop your own skills.